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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men do nothing.

--Attributed to Edmund Burke (1729 –  1797)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men
fail to mock evildoers.

--Attributed to Me, EnemyoftheState (1945 –   )


Recently Updated:

"Remember: Evil exists because good men

don't kill the government officials committing it."

-- Kurt Hofmann, St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner



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there may or may not be other sites (5th amendment)
if they do exist, they are encrypted on microform and
stored at an undisclosed location on Dick Cheney



Disclaimer: This website has no connection whatsoever with the
Avery® Marks-A-Lot® brand of patented marker pens and we do not
wish to disparage in any way this fine American company. These facts
should be apparent and obvious to anyone except a prowling tort lawyer.

Thank you. -- The Magic Mocker.



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Which brings us to our Core Policies: We do not discriminate
against any ethnic group, nationality, race or religion.
We try to be equally rude and mean to everyone.



10 Best

Mocksalot was named one of
the 10 Best Places to work
by the North Texas SPCA.



Mocks-A-Lot Staff

Grumpy - Publisher,
Chief Philosopher

Happy - Editorial Director,
Morale Enforcer

Leo - Source Verification,
Reprint Permissions

Annabelle - Chief Financial & Legal Officer,
Microsoft Certified Cat

Chloe - Aviation Editor,
Chief Corporate Pilot

Phoebe - Rumors, Plots, 
Gossip, Innuendo

Jack Bauer's Cat -
Director of Security

Dick Cheney - Political Advisor,
HAARP Operator

George Orwell -
Washington Correspondent

Northern Mockingbird -
Music & Mocking Consultant,
Microsoft Certified Bird

See Note -
Mr. Grumpy's personal security

Samuel Adams -
Role Model 

Sir Winston Churchill,
Correspondent Emeritus

Nathan Hale,
Intel Collection

Curtis E. LeMay, Gen., USAF, (Ret)
Nuclear Bombardment Advisor

Gen. Vang Pao -
Hmong Leader,
Trusted U.S. Government

Guy Fawkes -
'Term Limits' Proponent,
Noted EOD Authority

Name Redacted -
(I was never here)
Reliable Intelligence Source

Fluffy 'Smith'-
Contract Reporter,
Contract Wet Work

Crusading Reporter -
Middle East Correspondent,

Lamont Cranston -
Special Projects

Jack Kevorkian MD -
Medical Correspondent,
Past Surgeon General Nominee

Senator Joe McCarthy -
Courageous Red Hunter

Socrates -



A note from the editor: 04/01/11

We have improved our corporate policies to up our standards.

Up yours too.


07/14/11  Note from Grumpy:

If you are annoyed by something on this site, let us know.
Be specific.
We like to track what works best.




The glass is half full,
but half full of what?







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Ten percent of Mocksalot is not crap.

Scary, isn't it?




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